EMG 3585 Tool bag/bucket

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The bag is widely used across Europe in the wind turbine standard maintenance cars.

The bag has a Pattend Pending application

The bag is easy to use and it is possible to look inside the bag as the plastic is a light color and there by the light shines in through the lower part of the bag.


Construction / Material

The bag is made out of a 1800 x 900 pvc-black flat coated material. The lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon.

The hard bottom is made out of hard plastic to make the bag keep in shape and prolong the life of the bag.

The bottom lets in light, for easier operation inside the bag.

Lifting bag has handles mounted on the side for easy handling.


This bag has been manufactured in accordance with the following international standards and technical specifications:

EN 1492-1 norm and guides have been used to manufacture this tool bag.

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Width:  28 cm
Height:  85 cm
Length:  31 cm


Volume:  60 L

WLL (Working Load Limit) 150 kg


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